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The All Women Count! Program (AWC!) is a cooperative effort between health professionals, The South Dakota Department of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control to encourage screening for breast and cervical cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The purpose of cancer screening is to detect cancer in its earliest stage so it can be treated or cured. Screening for breast cancer involves a breast examination and a breast X-ray called a mammogram. Screening for cervical cancer involves a pelvic examination and a sample from the cervix called a Pap smear. Screening for diabetes involves a blood test for sugar levels in the blood. Screening for heart disease involves a blood test for cholesterol and a blood pressure reading.

If you meet the income and age eligibility requirements of this program, you may receive:

Breast and cervical cancer, diabetes and heart disease screening
Help with making healthy lifestyle choices that reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease
Referral for follow-up and/or treatment, if you have an abnormal screening test
Help with finding financial resources for follow-up and treatment, if you have no insurance or not enough insurance to cover the cost
Community education and outreach

To check if you are eligible for the All Women Count! Program, please fill out the AWC! Eligibility Form.

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